Affiliate Marketing Survival Skill – How Long Does Your Affiliate Cookie Last?

When your visitors click on your affiliate link, a cookie will be set on their computer so that the affiliate program will be able to track that you are the referral and credit you with the commission if the customer purchase the product. The most direct question that you will have to ask yourself is how long your affiliate cookie can last.

This is important as it will decided on whether the commission will go to your or not. It is a known fact that the majority of the people who see the product for the first time will not purchase the product. They might just bookmark the website so that they can come back at a later time how to make money with pay per install.

If your cookie is still in the person’s computer, you will still be credited with the commission unless the person has deleted all the cookies that are stored on his computer. You will want to find an affiliate program that will allows the cookie to stay for at least 30 days. The longer the cookie can last, the better it is for you as you will be sure that you will still be credited with the commission even if the purchased the product at a much later date.

It is thus important for you to check how many days the cookie can last so that you will not be losing any money. Do contact the affiliate program support team if you are not able to find any information on how long the cookie in your affiliate link can last on the visitor’s computer.

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