Bicycles for Girl

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century. Today more than a billion people enjoy bicycle riding all over the world, majority of them are girls. Cycles are best suited vehicles for girls. The increasing popularity of bicycles among girls has led the bicycle industry to invent many new attractive models in different colors promising the girls of an enjoyable ride. Girls use bicycles as a mode of transport, some use it for a hobby or recreational and fitness purposes. Today in almost all developing countries it is a fascinating scene to see innumerable girls gliding on their bicycles. In some regions bicycles for girls have become a necessity.

Especially rural areas where there are no educational facilities, girls are deprived of education. The availability of bicycles in a wide range of attractive models and at affordable prices has made it possible for girls to continue their education for, they can commute to schools and colleges situated in nearby cities and towns. Bicycles surely make girls stronger, more independent.

Modern sedentary life style has made young girls to grow obese at a very young age. In such cases cycles provide best exercise to burn their calories and develop a healthy body. Many state government in developing countries, provide bicycles free to girls who continue their high school education.

Bicycles increase mobility for people who do not have access to motor transport. Companies like Hero Cycles, Avon Cycles, BSA Hercules, Atlas, Kaisar, EBike India and Petra have contributed the high degree of comfort for girls. Girls have found many advantages of bicycles such as they get their daily dose of health by riding it and they have improved their confidence. The reasons for the demand of bicycles by girls are many. They can be easily accessible and affordable for those who are not in a position to buy motor vehicles. It is interesting to note that the bicycles have solved the great problem of parking in traffic in cities as they can be parked easily anywhere and they do not pose problems of traffic jam for girls. Thus they reduce the risks of accidents which is very commonly seen in cities reducing the death rate. We can infer that bicycles are very much useful for girls as they are very convenient for them. Bicycles have not only solved the problem of rural school going girls but they have also joined the hands in making them economically independent.

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