Design Your Home Sweet Home by Yourself With Your Design Theme Choice

First, you have to prepare your floor plan of your home. Then, you have to decide which area you want to redesign or remodeling.

There are a few questions must be provided before you start to design your home:

1. What is your home design theme do you want? modern minimalist, art deco, resort, transitional or ethnic contemporary?
2. What is your most favorite color do you like?
3. Any specific needs of your family member for their room? For example, your son has so many toys at his room, so he needs some cabinet or display to keep.
4. And the important thing is, how many budget do you have to redesign your home homesweethome? This will determine everything.

Modern minimalist is the most favorite design theme that people like. Because it is simple , clean look, easy to maintain and no need a lot of furniture. I think for 3-5 years from now, people still will like it. And because it is simple style, so no need many colors to use. But, the important thing is, you must careful with the size of material will be used ( must be accurate and suitable with the lay out of the room , so will look nice ).

But, for some persons, they prefer like a transitional design. What is transitional design? It is combination of contemporary style and traditional ( ethnic ) style.

Transitional design is a brilliant new take on an old thought. The combination is fast becoming the decorating style of choice for many who are ready for a change. Embracing the comfort of traditional design with the stylish looks of contemporary design, consider pairing traditional-looking furnishing with contemporary fabrics like ultra suede or chenille.

Transitional decorating represents a kind of compromise between contemporary and traditional decor, a halfway point in which the subtle elegance of contemporary styles meets the comfort and familiarity of traditional styles.

Similarly, some of the sleek lines and stark minimalism that define contemporary decor are replaced by the gentle curves, coziness, comfort, and lived in appeal of traditional decor in the transitional interior.

And how about art deco style? Art deco style is almost same with the modern minimalist style but the colors more blowing and appears. Usually colors used are red, orange, yellow, blue and purple. But sometimes black and white color also can be used, depends on the color theme.

Art deco usually come with wall art painting ( with blocks, squares and stripes design ) in variety and mixed colors. For myself, I rather prefer this style. Why? Because, I like the colorful of the art painting and it looks modern and young.

And do you know about the ethnic style? Ethnic style is mixed with javanese and balinese style from Indonesia. Many people from European like this style. Especially with the balinese style. Yes, it is unique, and not everybody can do the design. For the materials also not easy to find. Just in tropical country can provide, such as coco husk for feature wall or the special woods from Bali. And chiefly, the home accessories such as coconut bowl, wood plate, plants for indoor or outdoor and many thing else not easy to provide as well. But, do not worry, nowadays, many stores online can provide these items. You can buy from them by online and they will deliver to you directly.

Home furniture admirably important for home designing decision. If every materials ( carpentry works, home accessories, lighting, tiles, painting colors and others ) used are already suitable with the design theme but if the furniture not appropriate, it will look awful.

So, you have to learn more about the furniture style properly before you start to design your cozy home sweet home.

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