The Pixel 4a Really Gets Me Going…

here’s the most exciting part about the pixel 4a 349. 349. i love it the magical mixture is just something that’s tantalizing to me and it gets me going to be quite honest with you it finally happened google came through the pixel 4a has landed in the unbox therapy studio what a time i’m very excited you know i’ve been a pixel guy i’ve used the pixel phone dating back to the original one i got a bunch of them lined up over there actually those are the most recent ones pixel 4 kirk’s using his phone right now all right so it tells you something been a popular choice in the studio¬†Mobile Phones Repairs uh you know i said to you many times that i like the the pixel camera aesthetic a lot of it has to do just with the camera application the software side but whatever it is the magical mixture is just something that’s tantalizing to me and it gets me going to be quite honest with you the software the stock android experience the experience that google intended for android in 2020 that’s baked into here as well and here’s the most exciting part about the pixel 4a 349. 349. i love it more people getting to experience this experience more people getting their hands on the goods and more options and more exciting products at different price points it doesn’t have to be a thousand dollars to have a good time and i like that this is going to go head to head with devices like the iphone se the new one in fact i’ve been reading and looking at a number of comparisons of those two devices aiming at the same segment within the marketplace but taking different approaches anyway on the table here i have the pixel 4a in the just black color this is a 5.8 inch device 128 gb of storage this is in the just black color ah speaking of just black you know i like to wear just black black black i like plain clothes i like basic clothes but i like premium basic clothes so i want to give a quick shout out to my sponsor built basics they make all the shirts that you see me wearing here on this channel i’ve got a promo code so you can step up your basic clothing game as well you can stick a bunch of these in your drawer and you don’t even have to think about what you’re going to wear that day i just have i just have a tremendous number i reach it’s high quality fabrics high quality materials durable and it doesn’t look like trash after you wash it a bunch of times so go check that out just black the name made me think of that the name made me remember we have that we have the pixel buds which these this one it also took a while to get here so you may have seen some videos about it but you know i want to give my feedback on that this is competitive with the uh apple air pods and the various galaxy products well they got a new one they got the buds live which i think samsung’s going to get to the studio so that’s going to be nice to compare we also have the pixel 4a i guess that’s the official case they’ve been doing this fabric thing for a while you know my style it’s more on the later case side with the uh the nice texture here the impossibly thin case so you know i had to do it for the pixel 4a as well had to bring it into the later case family so you can buy this right now on pre-order i’ll link that in the description also so lots of good stuff to look at here we’re going to kick it off with the main unit obviously this is the pixel 4a unboxing experience team pixel on the back you got the two little pull tabs i’ll give you some pull tab therapy i hope you heard it high quality sound effects lovely all right we lift up boom there it is now it’s important to note this is a budget minded a value-conscious device so you’re gonna have a plastic back a plastic chassis some people don’t mind they say hey what if i drop my phone on the back wait yes so some people you know they say look i don’t mind if i have a plastic back when i drop it i don’t have to worry about shattering the back but there is such a wide variety of plastic the way that plastic is implemented in smartphones yesterday was it i was talking about the note 20 how the plastic back it felt a little bit cheap this one on the plastic meter i hear a little clip to it but it’s it’s a more solid thud so the gap between the plastic and the components on the inside appears to be less than the note 20 so you could live with it also the color of it it can fool you at a certain you know if you’re using this thing on a daily basis you’re probably gonna forget that it’s plastic that said you slap this on check you out now who’s kidding who you see what i’m saying now you you actually line up the fingerprint better because you feel exactly where it is you get the wonderful you get the beautiful texture so that’s the way i’m gonna go but that said it’s not the end of the world a plastic phone at 349. the note 20 took a lot of heat because it isn’t at 349. it’s at a thousand bucks and so that’s why people’s expectations were different another thing to notice here of course is that rear fingerprint scanner it’s kind of interesting the way that it’s outlined here it’s part of the back of the unit so there’s no real large ring around it instead it’s just this little depressed section here is your camera module supposedly the same performance as the pixel 4 which is fine with me if that’s actually what it turns out to do because like i said the cost savings pixel 4 and 4xl those were more expensive devices i used the 4xl as my personal device for a very long time we still have the stylized power switch which they give one special color to i believe this is yeah it was orange or like a coral on the xl model the standard version last time around it has the exact same or no that’s white so anyways they’re always playing around trying to give a little bit of style especially to a basic phone a just black phone you have to volume rocker below there oh another thing i should mention this has a headphone jack on it which is it’s kind of a must on a budget device because the expectation now you spend 349 on the phone maybe you got a wired headset kicking around and it’s just it’s a little harder to go splurge on the pixel buds or some air pods or or something like that when you’ve got the 349 budget i’m not saying you can’t do it but it’s just it’s a nice little touch and consideration for the fact that you picked a budget phone and you may still need to be using a wired headphone and you know the way i think of this is it’s just a bonus either way if you can fit it in there sure why not sim card tray is in an unusual location over here it’s towards the bottom of the device and then on the bottom here on the very bottom it looks like we have our speaker grille and also our type c connector for the fast charge it’s not the fastest charge in the world i believe it’s 18 watt kirk will correct me in the edit right here if it’s different from 18 watt but i think it’s an 18 watt fast charge in there oh and the other big difference is on the front of the unit where the the hole punch is we now have a hole punch cut out on a pixel device so they’ve given up abandoned the notch situation there we had the really advanced face unlock going on we had the radar in there they’re simplifying it and especially for this model with the 349 price tag it’s not the most aggressive screen to body ratio you definitely have a bezel around the outside but these are the you know these are the things you put up with in exchange for the savings this is a value for money play and i actually think it’s a really smart play for google and apple for that matter we have a very unique world circumstance here in 2020 people aren’t exactly out there splurging in general on smartphones or otherwise people want value for money and that’s the aim here and i appreciate that aim also inside the package we’ve got a little bit of paperwork from google you have your sim tool over on the back here we have a type c cable followed by a little adapter here which i believe is going to be type a to type c yes it is so this can be used for migration from another device to this one and here’s the power brick it’s definitely some form of quick charge in there look at this it’s a nice little setup on here and i mean we have the gradient background it’s so simple isn’t it the pixel life in the android world it’s very simple you don’t have the bloat unless you consider google’s apps but it’s hard to consider google’s apps blow because they make the os and these are all applications that i use google podcasts youtube youtube music it does to a point look how it’s also quite snappy here so what do we have we have a 90 hertz display on this at this price point is that is that did they give us that the display is 60 hertz but it is it’s an oled panel at this price which is i mean that’s probably the biggest difference on the daily basis if you were to compare this pixel 4a to this guy over here this is the iphone se which as you can tell the displays are there’s quite a discrepancy there i don’t know how well this shows up for you but um because of this older design here it’s just the display feels like it’s further beneath the glass and you have the different technologies at play and then just the screen to body ratio as well not every buyer cares about this some are going to sit there and say well you have a 700 series snapdragon you have a flagship chip from apple in the se so yeah that’s completely correct and the camera thing is kind of a coin flip depending on who’s processing in which application you like better i tend towards the pixels doing cooler color temperatures and higher contrast which is well that’s just to my taste buds pretty frequently here you have usb type c this is the proprietary connector so you have a bigger battery over here as well these are you know these are things to consider if you’re actually weighing these two options but form factor wise even though this display is much larger you know in the hand it’s fairly comparable between the two also i should mention this is the cheaper unit of the two this is going to save you 50 extra bucks the 31 40 milliamp hour battery in here and the 700 series snapdragon is usually pretty power efficient so i mean i can’t say for certain i just got the phone but presumably it’s better than the pixel 4 which is well that’s not really hard to say pixel 4 is probably the main drawback was the battery life snapdragon 730 six gigabytes of ram 128 gb of storage oh yeah and the pixel gives you the headphone jack you do not have apple’s ecosystem but you do have a headphone jack and like i said i think that’s a big deal at this price point okay so some things i’m curious about on here outside of the camera which i’m definitely going to get to i’m curious about the speaker performance oftentimes on a budget phone you take a little hit in the speaker performance so let’s load up a youtube video we get some dialogue rolling first i’ll load up the latest episode of lou later you know that was such a thing but everybody wants an ecosystem apple’s got an ecosystem because once it’s an ecosystem you see you need all the pieces you got to catch them all you see how that goes yeah and so samsung in their press release wow so you have a stereo thing happening you have some high end coming out of the earpiece location and you have some low end on the bottom the speaker i’m pretty happy with it’s not the loudest thing i’ve ever heard it’s not as loud as uh the note 20 ultra from the last video but like oh you’ve got the z flip two not flip fold it’s not crunchy i gotta keep my z’s together now z fold two but that’s not it i want you to scroll down a little bit here i like the audio on this this is very clear and and it’s full it’s fuller than i would have expected oh also this gives you an idea when you’re zoomed into the frame just to get an idea of how much screen you’re getting in the body and then what the hole punch looks like this is not a massive distraction over here now we might as well since i have the se over here we might as well just load youtube because i i can’t recall how this compares the audio that is yeah you didn’t know oh i was trying to i was trying to make it i was trying to make it bigger because i’m so used to phones not having a chin and forehead like this in 2020 i was like oh yeah i’ll just span it out to but no that’s that’s actually the size of your video it’s quite a substantial difference if you’re gonna use this thing as a multimedia machine i think it’s important to note in this particular comparison even if you have all the horsepower in the world your video is just it’s gonna it’s a small video it’s a small phone a small screen considering the scale of the phone because it’s got the antiquated design and you know this is where waiting for the iphone 12 although it’ll be at a higher price point you will finally be able to get an iphone with a small form factor that has a more modern screen to body ratio and i talked about it in a recent video the small iphone 12. you can go check that out and see how it compares but anyways ecosystem audio system you know what i’ll take an ecosystem makes it sound big makes it sound grand and it also makes it sound like you should spend a few dollars so you can take so this also sort of exposes the brightness the viewing angles it’s pretty obvious i mean you you make up your own mind you see it in the camera there and now turn this one back up so it’s sucking more energy it makes me question my life they’re pretty comparable i probably give a slight edge to this guy but they’re pretty comparable it’s hard for you to know the microphone is right there but uh it’s not a massive difference between the two let’s jump into the cameras obviously i mean this is a huge area of focus for for smartphones in general this is the differentiating characteristic this is the reason you might select this phone uh over some other competitive phone in the same price bracket it’s an area where google has had an edge so i’ll bring over to trustee plant i’ll back it up and we are going to snap just at the stock 1x no big deal nothing fancy just a quick little snap and i can see the magic happening it’s doing the work it’s it’s it’s such a brain the pixel camera app is such a brain it’s a it takes the thinking out of taking a photo i still don’t feel that i’ve interacted with a camera where i just point and shoot and often get results that are pleasing to my eye now i’ve done the extensive analysis it’s true that apple’s software tends to elevate the shadow areas and provide a little bit more detail there this is mostly in the software and what is pleasing to a person is dependent on the individual however by google selecting more for contrast in deeper blacks i end up with a photo that is more pleasing to me without me needing to go in and edit it of course you can still do that i just like what happens with the pixel straight out of the camera selfies it’s kind of the same thing i don’t get all softened up there’s there’s detail and it’s i mean it’s incredible it’s what can i say uh google engineers engineering the app this is one area where the uh apple devices make me look really weird i’ll show you what i’m talking about it makes me look super flat for some reason i’ll do the exact same location like somehow my skin it’s like i’m wearing makeup it makes it look like i’m wearing makeup i’ve been talking about this for a number of generations but like look at the color of my eyes for example and my beard the whole thing just looks way softer and less sharpened like less and less contrasty it tries to sort of flatten the complexion and ease the gradient between darks and lights and you could argue this this photo has more detail you could argue that if you went into a photo editor you’d have more play with the iphone photo and it’s probably true but i don’t you know oftentimes i just want to i just want to point shoot and then publish a photo or send or share a photo and not do too much to it and that’s where the pixel camera and mostly the software determines that through its style choices and how it how it treats the environment almost like a like a filter or something i end up with something that to me is more pleasing and that i would want to share right away so that’s again it’s personal preference it’s not better or worse it’s personal preference so there’s also a night sight mode built in and then on video let’s see what we have for options here i don’t think we have any type of exotic uh video settings we do we do have 4k we are now testing 4k video on the google pixel 4a i am moving into the plant and we are testing the autofocus i’m moving back i will lift my hand up oh baby yes yes yes yes that looks pretty good i’m increasingly smartphones are getting better at those autofocus transitions but i have run into problems in the past it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen here 4k video on the google pixel 4a it sounds good it does sound good you know what ladies and gentlemen i mean we’re on to something it’s a nice time to be in the smartphone market it’s a nice time to be looking for a new smartphone every time i get my hands on a budget smartphone that like this one where i feel like okay that that right there is a good value and i do feel that way here uh it makes me sort of it reconfigures me i have a really hard time in these moments recommending the far more expensive smartphones you can go out right now and easily find a smartphone that’s three times the cost of this it’s not even hard but is it three times better it used to be the camera department was the big differentiator of course the chip is not gonna be the fastest in the world but for me on the daily what i do on a phone you know what i mean it was never a big issue for me the rear unlock i can live with that i start to think to myself yeah probably more people would be better off with this phone and then potentially having money left over for a couple other things maybe some pixel buds maybe a later case to spruce it up a little bit you got some money left over you’re not spending a fortune uh you know maybe you want to get a think about it kirk you could pick up that new playstation 5 and this or you could get you know a flagship iphone or samsung it’s just listen i’m just saying i like to put it in that context to just help people realize what type of value is out there i’m just i’m super happy that google’s really making a play at the value segment which is i think where the majority of their focus should be the flagship thing it’s pretty well figured out you know it’s apple it’s samsung and we know how that goes it’s a lot of glass it’s always glass everywhere when you spend a thousand unless it’s the note 20. but anyways okay so let’s put this down for a minute let’s try the official case since we do have it i think we might as well so it’s a it’s a fabric style case my issue with these was if you put this down on a table and it had any type of moisture or something this is absorbent however it does give you a kind of like a luxury you’re just not used to feeling this type of texture like a fabric texture on your phone but then it also makes your phone kind of big which i mean i don’t know if you heard i’m kind of against the idea of that so but it gives you a cut out for your headphone jack it gives you the space you need on the bottom and because it uh because it juts out a little bit it’s more likely to save your device in in the case of a fall so that’s the official google case i don’t know if this is the only one they’re offering but in the past they’ve had a couple different models it does have a nice kind of liner in it it smells like uh the gap it smells like the gap we have the pixel buds which that’s an important one for us to check out i think this could be a nice little package what’s the price of the pixel buds kirk’s gonna guess i’m gonna guess 199. 199 for pixel buds pixel buds price usd 179 what did you say 199 you’re off so anyway we have the pixel buds here and i’m excited to try these out as well you got the dental floss style of case going on in there although you can also switch that one up if you want a more stylish or cohesive look we started making the later case for the airpods pro and then it was like what about the android people this is completely rude having done this so we talked about it and we’re like i don’t know how many people are gonna on the android side are gonna come out and support but who cares we’re gonna do it for the pixel buds as well and so that you can have kind of this setup right here just like that so that’s pretty cool i’m kind of happy i’m kind of excited about that there’s another pair that i think it’s going to be i think it’s going to be a common pair for people they’re going to pick up this device you could pick up some pixel buds and still be less than the flagship level inside the pack we’ve also got exchangeable interchangeable ear tips that’s a big one get the right fit then you get the right sound and we also have a type c cable which is actually a little longer than you might expect to get with a set of earbuds uh sometimes they sneak in a little short one now of course we’ve got to get our unwrap on and where am i going to do such a thing oh don’t miss the flap there we go all right so what’s odd about this one actually is that the interior and the buds are black and i think a lot of android fans probably wanted black earbuds people have been asking apple to do a black pair of airpods for a billion years but these ones are still majorly white i guess they do make them in a couple different colors yeah there’s oh so orange quite mint and almost black so they’re even the black one though this is a so this isn’t this is another thing to consider even the black one keeps the white container which is kind of strange you would think you would do the white you would do the black container or case recharge case why am i calling that a container you know what i mean that’s weird i don’t even know the last time i used the word container but even if you get the black earbuds you get the white case which is kind of odd but anyways so you’re saying the only way to get a black case is yeah i’m saying the only way to get a black case is to do a later case which you should have done in the first place because you’re a smart person right anyways let’s see how these ones work together i’m curious how integrated the whole thing is i mean i haven’t used it right so is this are we going to have an apple moment here we are going to have an apple moment it’s just that’s all it is that’s all there is to it and this is what people expect now the oneplus product from the previous video whatever they’re calling theirs what are their pods called one plus buds one plus buds it’s hard to keep it together in this business ladies and gentlemen it’s every it’s every single day we’re doing this and it’s an another product they i like them too and they were only 79 bucks the oneplus buds of course it’s the oneplus buds but anyways those are the budget play at 79. these are uh slightly more premium but as you see you get the nice little prompt for the pixel buds and the and the hefty integration so you can have your own uh ecosystem moment where you feel very special for having the cohesion between the two set up pixel buds you have your battery life on the case and on each bud and we’re gonna go ahead and start the setup and i will rotate it into place lovely and it made a little kind of cool sound when i did that to indicate that it was in there next oh and it’s a it’s a gentle kirk they thought about it it’s a gentle you what you’ll see is when i go down it’s not a huge i have a lot of flexibility in there for the exact volume that i’m looking for i know that’s a big deal to you kirk you’re very happy about that also play pause double tap for skipping tracks or ending and rejecting calls okay double tap so the touch is the touch is pretty good lovely you know we got the light on there this is all the things you want especially if you’re gonna spend 179 you know what’s a crazy thought though 179 349. the whole phone is 340 and these guys are 179 so but it goes to show you dual microphones for clear calls in-ear detection so the audio pauses if you remove the bud very nice comfortable and secure with the extra ear hook so you’re not you know you’re doing the physical activities and it stays in and of course google assistant which is the only voice assistant that i use very integrated let’s get some tunes going i suppose i’ll do some muted jazz here look at that i mean you got the old ferrari plus the shades and then you do the shirt all the way up and then you have the trumpet so oh man that’s some muted that’s a muted jazz okay that’s that’s actually pretty nice now i should uh jump into something with some bass people need to know about bass there’s no way around that kirk you have a bass request no you don’t base nectar base nectar let me tell you something there’s a point where any headphone that is just sitting deeper in your ear canal is just more capable particularly in the low end in a bass response comparative to something that just sort of sits you know on the outside of the ear like a regular airpod or even the one plus buds i like how convenient those ones are because it’s just a little bit less of a hassle kind of getting it out of the ear so it’s really not a big deal but it’s a little bit less but there’s just no substitute because you create a seal in the ear canal and you can create more pressure inside of there and then that thump comes through so if you’re a bass head you’re probably you probably already know this but you’re probably looking at something like these pixel buds or maybe the airpods pro which are the apple equivalent of the in-ear style so some options there i think they sound alright i think they sound pretty good it’s a you know look this is a an obvious and easy choice for somebody on the pixel because of the integration and the having the whole package kind of come together maybe more so for the flagship level pixel because of the price point but that said you could look at it the other way like i did earlier and just say yo i’m fine with the 4a it’s got everything i need and i have money left over so then you could pick up a pair of these buds to go with it you could create a nice little combo effect if you choose to what can i say about this phone man vanilla android enough power for me oled for the price decent screen to body at least modern with the hole punch thing never minded the rear fingerprint you know about the camera i don’t need to tell you camera pixel camera been talking about it a little bit of a fast recharge made out of plastic 700 series snapdragon i think i might have just done the pros and cons simply by adjusting my tone you see i didn’t have to even announce it so it’s not going to win any spec awards and it’s up to you to determine to a certain extent what that g is worth if you want the vanilla android experience it does come with some advantages including getting the latest software features as they roll out as they become available instead of waiting for the manufacturer to pump theirs out if they even will when i’m talking about manufacturer i mean samsung i mean xiaomi i mean the others i mean everything else i mean the oppos i even mean the oneplus to a certain extent because you know this thing is squarely looking at the nord as well another 700 series uh based smartphone so it’s even a little more pricey than this and i don’t know if you want to do a head-to-head on the camera i’m just saying now granted there’s other differences that one it’s it’s got a slightly better spec list than nord i’m talking about the feel more premium i would say this this might be a little subdued for some users but all that aside i think i can safely say i’m pumped for this device i’m pumped that it exists it has fully gotten me going and as you can probably tell in this video right here there’s something about the combination of a low price tag with an experience that for me is similar to what i’m already having on something that’s a lot more expensive and trust me i tried it all i try everything right i think you could be using this phone and feeling like you’re using a far more expensive phone even though you only spent 3.49 so shout out to google for getting the price down as low as they did uh i don’t know how that breaks down whatever market you’re in it may not be as competitive but at least here in north america this thing for 349 i think is worth a look

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